Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prom/ Girl's Night Out

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Most of you are probably at an age where you can look back at your prom with fond memories (or maybe not so fond). I'll never forget the excitement I had slipping into my very first gown; I felt like a Hollywood Starlet! Even for my high school dances I always did my own hair and makeup and often times was the last one done getting ready because I would usually end up doing everyone else's!

My junior prom and three of my beautiful best friends!

Here is the look I gave my sister for her prom. She is already gorgeous so I didn't have to do much to make her drop dead gorgeous!

And a close-up
After applying an eye primer I swept the lid up to just under the brow with the white shimmer labled "brow bone" from the Don't Steal My Thunder palette by Wet n Wild. I fell in love with this palette after I borrowed it from my friend Mary Ellen for a night on the town during our trip to England and haven't given it back (shh don't tell her)! Next, I applied the silver shimmer color all over the lid. Then using a fluffy brush, apply the black labled "crease" in a triangular shape starting from about the center of the eye and ending at the end of the brow, extending to the corner of the lash line as seen in the picture.

Tip: Before applying the black dust a fair amount of powder beneath the eyes. That way if any particles fall onto your face it won't get absorbed into the skin and you can simple sweep it off when you're finished.

Finally, I applied Ulta eye shadow in Iceland (a shimmery white) from the inner corner to the middle of the eye and Ulta eye shadow in Sin City (a matte black) in the outer corner of the eye to add dimension. Make sure to blend blend blend! You want the colors to seamlessly change from one to the next. Then I used my trusty black Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion and applied it to the upper lid with a swoop at the outer corner. And for the final touch...falsies!
With a dramatic eye such as this it is important to tone down the rest of the features. It's best to go with a nude or light pink lip to finish off this show stopping look!

I hope you liked this look, have a lovely day!

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