Friday, June 11, 2010

Fast Face #2

In the short time that I have been working at the Persian rug store I've already learned so much. First and foremost, it is an art form. A real, quality piece is hand woven and can take years to compete. Only the finest wool and silk are used. If made correctly, these pieces can last hundreds and hundreds of years. Not only have I learned a lot about rugs, but also about the Persian culture (now I can make tea the "right" way). Why am I rambling about rugs? Well, I think that my love of the art of makeup has made me more open to other types of art: sculpture, oil, singing, modern, classical, whatever. No matter how ugly or aesthetically pleasing it is I have learned to find beauty or at least appreciate it for what it is. So my words of advice are take some time to culture yourself because it will give you the ability to connect with many different types of people on a deeper level.

For the eyes I used E.L.F eye shadow duo in Butter Pecan. I took the orange-brown and applied it to the lid. Next I took the chocolate brown shade and applied it as per usual in a "C-shape" starting in the crease. Then took the cream color from my Good Girl palette by Ulta and used it to highlight the brow. Line your eyes with any shade of brown that you own, and then gently sweep the eyes with mascara.

For the cheeks I took my all-color stick in Pink Lemonade by E.L.F and applied it to the cheek bones. For the lips I used the same color as I did for my cheeks! It's such a great product! Then to finish it off, I applied an orange gloss over my lips.

Have a lovely day!


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