Friday, June 18, 2010


Happy Weekend! I thought I'd spice things up a bit with this really fun look I created. So, Thursday night I went to a party for Toy Story 3 and after some serious brain storming I decided to go as.....

.....TOUR GUIDE BARBIE! Let me tell you, I had so much fun putting this together! I think it turned out rather well for such little planning.

Okie dokie! As always let's start with the eyes! I grabbed every single shade of purple I could find. For application directions check out my previous post.

Lid: Grifter by Urban Decay

Crease: Bayou, Rockstar, Passionberry by Ulta, Last Call, Flash by Urban Decay Purple from the Flamboyant eye shadow duo by HIP

Brow bone: Iceland by Ulta

Highlight: the Light Pink from the Girly Girl palette by Ulta

Lips: mega last lip color by Wet n' Wild in Think Pink. Let me tell you I was skeptical buying it because it only cost $2.99 but I love it! It's a fantastic, vibrant shade of pink that lasted the entire night without having to reapply.

For this look I also used fake eyelashes by Modlash!

Buh bye! Buh bye now!


  1. This is an ADORABLE post. "Hi, I'm Tour Guide Barbie!" Love it!

  2. Hi! I love your costume! I want to be tour guide Barbie for halloween and I was wondering where did you get your outfit?

  3. Meg, I'm so sorry. I didn't even see that you commented until just now!

    Well, the dress I bought from Marshalls. The belt and shoes I had laying around and the hat was from an old ballet costume. My advice is to just make the most of what you already have. Maybe if you have a pink or black dress you can use that instead of a blue one. Be creative!!! I hope you read this in time for Halloween!