Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daytime Party Look

One very common misconception within the fashion world is matching. I say...the shoes do not have to match the bag, the toenails do not have to match the fingernails, and the makeup most certainly does not have to match the clothes. As you'll see, I think that blue eyeshadow would have been overkill.
This past weekend was extremely busy for me! I had my sister, Madeline's graduation from high school and then a 25th wedding anniversary party. I didn't mind because it just provided me with more opportunities to create some new looks.

A close up

I absolutely adore this look since it incorporates two of my favorite products: Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test (hot pink), and Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half Baked (shimmer gold).
First I put the Half Baked all over the lid. Next, I took the lightest brown (any cream, bone color) from the Good Girl palette by Ulta and applied it just under the eyebrow. Next I took the medium shade from the palette and made a C- shape starting in the crease of the eye with the apex at the outer corner, ending at the middle of the lid. In the same manner apply a couple more shades of medium brown to add dimension. I used YDK and Smog by Urban Decay. Then, take a dark brown ( I used Twice Baked by Urban Decay) and stipple it into the outer corner of the eye. If the gold color that you have applied to the lid has faded dust another layer from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eye to make the color pop again. Please please please do not forget to blend!
Now for the eyeliner. Unless I am going for a very dramatic look such as one for a night out with the girls or a formal event, I hardly ever use black eyeliner. A chocolate brown or a grey is much less harsh and is more appropriate for daytime. Lately I've been using the Ulta Smokey Eyes Automatic Eyeliner in Espresso. Gently pull the lid towards the outer corner to ensure a straight line. For daytime I like to apply the eyeliner from the middle eye to the outer corner on both the top and bottom lid and then blend the color towards the inner corner for a softer look.

Tip: To ensure long lasting eyeliner that does not smudge use a small angled brush and press eyeshadow in a similar color along the lash line where you just applied the eye pencil.

To finish off the look sweep the eyes with mascara and the cheeks with the color of your choice. For mascara I have been using Rimmel Lash Maxxx in Extreme Black, but like most you I'm still in search for the perfect mascara. So please, if any of you have found it let me know!
Then for my favorite part: the hot pink lipstick! Like I mentioned earlier I used Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test. Make sure your lips are soft and exfoliated before you apply anything on your lips (for a quick exfoliant-moisturizer mix a little sugar and olive oil in a bowl and scrub it all over your lips until they are smooth). For this look simply follow the natural lip line. If you feel that hot pink lipstick is NOT an adventure you'd like to partake--before I walked out of the house my mom suggested I tone down the lips, but I refused-- then simply tone it down with a lighter pink gloss or a nude lipstick on top.
It seem as if these looks take a long time, but with practice I promise you can do it from start to finish in ten minutes or less!

Have a lovely day!

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