Friday, June 18, 2010


Happy Weekend! I thought I'd spice things up a bit with this really fun look I created. So, Thursday night I went to a party for Toy Story 3 and after some serious brain storming I decided to go as.....

.....TOUR GUIDE BARBIE! Let me tell you, I had so much fun putting this together! I think it turned out rather well for such little planning.

Okie dokie! As always let's start with the eyes! I grabbed every single shade of purple I could find. For application directions check out my previous post.

Lid: Grifter by Urban Decay

Crease: Bayou, Rockstar, Passionberry by Ulta, Last Call, Flash by Urban Decay Purple from the Flamboyant eye shadow duo by HIP

Brow bone: Iceland by Ulta

Highlight: the Light Pink from the Girly Girl palette by Ulta

Lips: mega last lip color by Wet n' Wild in Think Pink. Let me tell you I was skeptical buying it because it only cost $2.99 but I love it! It's a fantastic, vibrant shade of pink that lasted the entire night without having to reapply.

For this look I also used fake eyelashes by Modlash!

Buh bye! Buh bye now!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to Basics: Blemish Eraser

Because I love you all so much I have decided to humble myself and show you the real me....

Yes, I get pimples. Really big, ugly ones. This huge spot has been plaguing my face for about two weeks now and I can't seem to get rid of it! If you are blessed with perfect skin then check out some of my other posts. If not, then read on for four easy steps to hiding those blemishes!

Step 1: Apply a light coat of foundation.

TIP: Touch the spot as little as possible. Make sure to use a sponge or brush for application. If you touch the pimple it will become greasy and the products will not last.

Step 2: Put a thin layer of a green concealer to neutralize the redness. Nyx, Neutrogena, Physician's Formula, Maybelline, etc. all make this type of product.

Step 3: Put a flesh colored concealer that exactly matches your skin tone over the green.

Step 4: Powder
There you have it! Virtually invisible! Now put your best face forward and don't be embarrassed by any pimples you may have. If you have confidence and smile people won't even notice those little spots on your face.

Have a lovely day!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fast Face #3

Again, I was running late for work but as a saleswoman and secretary I have to look my best! I came up with this little number after finishing my bowl of Golden Grahams and made it to work just in time to open up the shop!

Eyes- Lids: Girly Girl Palette by Ulta
Eyeliner: Smokey Eyes Automatic Eyeliner in Espresso by Ulta
For application technique read my previous post.

Lips: e.l.f Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss.

Cheeks: e.l.f. mineral blush in Joy.

I really like this look because it makes me feel very fresh and ready to start the day. I hope you all enjoy it.

Questions, comments, concerns, ideas? Please feel free to post them.

Love, Anna

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fast Face #2

In the short time that I have been working at the Persian rug store I've already learned so much. First and foremost, it is an art form. A real, quality piece is hand woven and can take years to compete. Only the finest wool and silk are used. If made correctly, these pieces can last hundreds and hundreds of years. Not only have I learned a lot about rugs, but also about the Persian culture (now I can make tea the "right" way). Why am I rambling about rugs? Well, I think that my love of the art of makeup has made me more open to other types of art: sculpture, oil, singing, modern, classical, whatever. No matter how ugly or aesthetically pleasing it is I have learned to find beauty or at least appreciate it for what it is. So my words of advice are take some time to culture yourself because it will give you the ability to connect with many different types of people on a deeper level.

For the eyes I used E.L.F eye shadow duo in Butter Pecan. I took the orange-brown and applied it to the lid. Next I took the chocolate brown shade and applied it as per usual in a "C-shape" starting in the crease. Then took the cream color from my Good Girl palette by Ulta and used it to highlight the brow. Line your eyes with any shade of brown that you own, and then gently sweep the eyes with mascara.

For the cheeks I took my all-color stick in Pink Lemonade by E.L.F and applied it to the cheek bones. For the lips I used the same color as I did for my cheeks! It's such a great product! Then to finish it off, I applied an orange gloss over my lips.

Have a lovely day!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Flower Eyes

This has to be probably one of my most favorite looks. The most recent time someone told me that my eyes looked like flowers! I think it's great because not only does the purple match well with my skin and make my eyes POP but it also affords me an opportunity to wear yellow in a way that is flattering. If you consider your eyes to be your best feature this can be a great way to direct attention towards them.

First I covered the lid in the bright golden yellow from the L'Oreal HIP bright shadow duo in Flamboyant. Then using my fluffy brush I applied the purple to the crease in a "C-shape" like I showed you in my eye shadow application tutorial. Then to add a little more depth I went over the "C- shape" again using Flash by Urban Decay, which is a shimmery, vibrant jewel-tone purple. Then to darken the corners I applied Last Call by Urban Decay which they describe as "plum punch"! Finally, I highlighted the brow using Iceland by Ulta.
For the eye liner I decided to kick things up a notch and use L'Oreal HIP color chrome eyeliner in Violet Volt. For the lips I decided to stay neutral with Vegas, Baby by Max Factor. I must say that I am absolutely in love with this shade! Just a light sweep of blush to the cheeks and mascara to the eyes and voila, my favourite face!

Tip: If you find this look a little too intense for you, tone it down easily. First, dip your brush in a little water and then apply the shadow with the damp brush it will make it much more subtle (this is called a "color wash"). Second, use brown eyeliner instead of the vibrant purple.

Enjoy, my little blossoming flowers!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fast Face #1

More often than not getting up and out the door seems impossible, let alone looking presentable. This morning I was running horribly late but with the precious minutes I had, I managed to come up with this look which took me only five, yes five minutes! No more excuses for schlepping out the door!

Using the Good Girl palette by Ulta I applied the lightest "bone" color just under the brow. Next I used the second lightest color a "sand" brown and swept it all over the lid up to the crease. Then I took a medium shimmer brown and worked it into the crease in a "C-shape" as per my previous directions. Finally I took the darkest brown (sort of a "milk chocolate" brown) and went over the outer corners of the "C-shape" to add a little depth. Finally I quickly lined the eyes with the Prestige eye liner in E12, which is a dark brown. Don't forget a quick sweep of mascara!

Now for the easy part. I took E.L.F.'s all over color stick in Pink Lemonade and just dabbed it on my cheek bones using the center of the eye as a starting point and blending all the way up to the temples. For the lips I used Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss. I particularly love lip stains because they are very natural looking and long lasting. If you don't have a lip stain I suggest putting on whichever shade of red lipstick you prefer. Let it sit for a few minutes and then gently wipe your lips. The color will absorb into your lips and leave them with a "just bitten" color!
Enjoy this spectacular day!

Friday, June 4, 2010

You are Beautiful!

Unfortunately, my camera has mysteriously disappeared so I cannot post any pictures until the little gremlin that stole it decides to return it. So I thought I'd discuss something very important: body image issues. It's something that most of us have to deal with each and every day. I know I've had days where I don't even want to look at myself in the mirror because I hate the reflection that stares back. Regardless of my personal body issues, I think it's very important to help other girls who are also having a hard time loving themselves. Here are some things I do to help myself feel a little better.

1. Don't focus on the negatives. Find at least five things that you like about yourself. Look into a full length mirror and pick out specific things that you find beautiful Tell yourself "I think I look really cute in the summer when my nose is speckled with freckles" or " I love how my brown eyes are so dark and mysterious". Don't be your harshest critic because you really are more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

2. Your differences are what make you beautiful. You may hate the gap in your tooth, your "big" nose, or the birthmark on your hand; but I guarantee that others probably don't even notice it. Once someone told me that I "needed a nose job". Did it hurt? Yes. Did I care? No. People that can't find the beauty in you are not very beautiful inside and are not worth your time. Learn to accept the things that are different about you because they are what make you unique. Wouldn't it be horrible if we all looked alike?

3. Tell yourself that you're okay. Thanks to Ingrid Michaelson, this has become one of my mantras. Some days it's especially difficult to convince yourself that you are in all actuality a wonderful person. This is when I look directly into my eyes and say "You're okay, Anna. Everything will work out, you will be okay." Say it over and over and you will be able to face the world with a little more confidence.

4. Put some extra effort into your appearance. When I feel my worst I always try to look my best. Pull out that cute sun dress and heels! Give yourself some smoky eyes or pouty lips! You'll get a boost of confidence and maybe some compliments too.
5. Make sure your clothes fit properly. Maybe your "back fat" is really just the result of an ill-fitting bra. Maybe the muffin top is only there because your pants are a couple of sizes too small. I think it's better to look fantastic in a size 12 than to tell your friends that you can squeeze into an 8! Purge your wardrobe and get rid of the things you haven't worn in at least a year. If you don't have the money for a new wardrobe just buy a couple of pieces that look great and mix and match them or even hunt down great deals at your nearest thrift store. Looking fabulous doesn't have to cost a lot and I think the confidence you will get is priceless!

Love of self is not something that we are all born with. It is a life-long struggle. Some days you will feel like the goddess you are, while others you will feel like a harpy. Just remember you are a beautiful woman that deserves to be treated with dignity and respect who is capable of both being loved and loving herself.

You are beautiful the way you are!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to Basics: Eye Shadow Application

Hello My Beautiful Girls!

I decided to start a new section entitled "Back to Basics" in which I will teach you the techniques of the trade! I think one of the most important is eye shadow application. I've used some crazy colors so that it's easier for you to see where you are supposed to put the color and what shapes you should create for the best looking eye. You're going to need at least three shades: one light, one medium, and one dark.

Step one: Take the medium shade of your desired color and apply it from the lashes, into the crease, and up to the brow bone.
Step Two: Using a color a couple of shades darker than the one you just applied to your lid, make a "C-shape" starting about a quarter of the way out from the corner of the eye. Extend it to the outer corner--this will be the apex of the shape-- then bring it back in to the middle of the eye just above the lashes.

Step Three: Take the lightest color and apply it just under the brow, starting beginning of the arch and ending at the corner.
Step Four (optional): Take another light color such as a white or cream and apply it from the inner corner to the center of the eye for some extra highlighting.

Make sure you blend after the application of each color and then once again at the end and that's all there is to it!

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Daytime Party Look

One very common misconception within the fashion world is matching. I say...the shoes do not have to match the bag, the toenails do not have to match the fingernails, and the makeup most certainly does not have to match the clothes. As you'll see, I think that blue eyeshadow would have been overkill.
This past weekend was extremely busy for me! I had my sister, Madeline's graduation from high school and then a 25th wedding anniversary party. I didn't mind because it just provided me with more opportunities to create some new looks.

A close up

I absolutely adore this look since it incorporates two of my favorite products: Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test (hot pink), and Urban Decay eyeshadow in Half Baked (shimmer gold).
First I put the Half Baked all over the lid. Next, I took the lightest brown (any cream, bone color) from the Good Girl palette by Ulta and applied it just under the eyebrow. Next I took the medium shade from the palette and made a C- shape starting in the crease of the eye with the apex at the outer corner, ending at the middle of the lid. In the same manner apply a couple more shades of medium brown to add dimension. I used YDK and Smog by Urban Decay. Then, take a dark brown ( I used Twice Baked by Urban Decay) and stipple it into the outer corner of the eye. If the gold color that you have applied to the lid has faded dust another layer from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eye to make the color pop again. Please please please do not forget to blend!
Now for the eyeliner. Unless I am going for a very dramatic look such as one for a night out with the girls or a formal event, I hardly ever use black eyeliner. A chocolate brown or a grey is much less harsh and is more appropriate for daytime. Lately I've been using the Ulta Smokey Eyes Automatic Eyeliner in Espresso. Gently pull the lid towards the outer corner to ensure a straight line. For daytime I like to apply the eyeliner from the middle eye to the outer corner on both the top and bottom lid and then blend the color towards the inner corner for a softer look.

Tip: To ensure long lasting eyeliner that does not smudge use a small angled brush and press eyeshadow in a similar color along the lash line where you just applied the eye pencil.

To finish off the look sweep the eyes with mascara and the cheeks with the color of your choice. For mascara I have been using Rimmel Lash Maxxx in Extreme Black, but like most you I'm still in search for the perfect mascara. So please, if any of you have found it let me know!
Then for my favorite part: the hot pink lipstick! Like I mentioned earlier I used Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in Love Test. Make sure your lips are soft and exfoliated before you apply anything on your lips (for a quick exfoliant-moisturizer mix a little sugar and olive oil in a bowl and scrub it all over your lips until they are smooth). For this look simply follow the natural lip line. If you feel that hot pink lipstick is NOT an adventure you'd like to partake--before I walked out of the house my mom suggested I tone down the lips, but I refused-- then simply tone it down with a lighter pink gloss or a nude lipstick on top.
It seem as if these looks take a long time, but with practice I promise you can do it from start to finish in ten minutes or less!

Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Prom/ Girl's Night Out

Hello Lovely Ladies,

Most of you are probably at an age where you can look back at your prom with fond memories (or maybe not so fond). I'll never forget the excitement I had slipping into my very first gown; I felt like a Hollywood Starlet! Even for my high school dances I always did my own hair and makeup and often times was the last one done getting ready because I would usually end up doing everyone else's!

My junior prom and three of my beautiful best friends!

Here is the look I gave my sister for her prom. She is already gorgeous so I didn't have to do much to make her drop dead gorgeous!

And a close-up
After applying an eye primer I swept the lid up to just under the brow with the white shimmer labled "brow bone" from the Don't Steal My Thunder palette by Wet n Wild. I fell in love with this palette after I borrowed it from my friend Mary Ellen for a night on the town during our trip to England and haven't given it back (shh don't tell her)! Next, I applied the silver shimmer color all over the lid. Then using a fluffy brush, apply the black labled "crease" in a triangular shape starting from about the center of the eye and ending at the end of the brow, extending to the corner of the lash line as seen in the picture.

Tip: Before applying the black dust a fair amount of powder beneath the eyes. That way if any particles fall onto your face it won't get absorbed into the skin and you can simple sweep it off when you're finished.

Finally, I applied Ulta eye shadow in Iceland (a shimmery white) from the inner corner to the middle of the eye and Ulta eye shadow in Sin City (a matte black) in the outer corner of the eye to add dimension. Make sure to blend blend blend! You want the colors to seamlessly change from one to the next. Then I used my trusty black Urban Decay liquid liner in Perversion and applied it to the upper lid with a swoop at the outer corner. And for the final touch...falsies!
With a dramatic eye such as this it is important to tone down the rest of the features. It's best to go with a nude or light pink lip to finish off this show stopping look!

I hope you liked this look, have a lovely day!