Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Perfect Nude Lip

I will admit it, this post is a fashion repeat! However, I will be focusing on a different aspect of the look: those luscious lips! For the eye tutorial check out "Prom/ Girl's Night Out".
October was Italian Heritage Month at my university and we closed with a formal dinner. I was embarrassingly overdressed however, I still had a great time. There was great food, good music, and beautiful people!

My room mate Katie and I.

The first step to the perfect nude lip is exfoliation. I like to get a handful of sugar, mix it with a little bit of water, and then rub it vigorously on my lips for a few seconds. Another tip is to brush your lips with your wet toothbrush. Both options work great!

Next, take a little bit of concealer and spread it all over your lips. This helps neutralize the color in your lips in order for them to look more nude.

Recently I was turned on to lip liner. It really is as amazing as they say it is! Unfortunately mine is MIA so I can't tell you what brand or color I used. First line the lips in the pencil (I would recommend staying inside your natural lip line because drawing outside of it will look very costume-like) and then, fill in the entire lip-just like a coloring book.

Then, using a lip brush I went over the lip liner with Not So Innocent Pink by jane. When choosing a nude color, get something with a hint of pink. I've found that anything too brown makes my teeth look yellow.

Optional step: swipe a thin layer of pink or clear gloss for extra plumpness! I used Lip Inflation in Sheer Pink by Sally Hansen.

Love an poofy lips!