Friday, August 27, 2010

Zebra Nails

I usually tend to be very traditional when doing my nails. I stick with pinks, reds, browns, and the occasional French manicure. However, as soon as I saw this funky nail art it was love at first sight! The best part about it is that it's quick and easy!

I began by prepping my nails. I quickly filed them and cut away the excess cuticle. Then I applied a thin layer of Chip Skip by OPI. Let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING and worth the investment. I can wear my manicures for at least two weeks without any chipping or peeling. Next, I put on a base coat. I used Double Duty by Sally Hansen for the first time and it's holding up so far! For the base I painted on two coats of Alpine Snow by OPI. Typically, I only use OPI because it has incredible coverage. In my opinion, it's worth the $8.00.

After that dried completely, I took a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Black and made abstract lines starting at the edge of each nail. The best part is that you can't mess up (though in my opinion a couple of my nails look like black chromasomes on a white background)! To finish it off, apply a thin layer of the top coat of your choice.
And there you have it! A really quick, easy, edgy way to accessorize your outfits!


  1. My roommate is obsessed with zebras. I will have to show this to her!

  2. Ooh cute! But there are a pretty limited range of social situations where you could pull this off... like, it would be cool at a concert, but definitely would raise some eyebrows at work. So I'm not sure I'll be pulling this off any time soon.

  3. Anna. When ya gonna post again? Can you do a post on styling hair? Because mine is all frizzy and YUCK lately and I could use some help!

  4. What kind of hair are you looking for? Straight, curly, wavy? Easy to do? Let me know and I will do something about it!